Tuesday, July 19, 2022

laid out on a stretcher

dear prayer warrior, 

 I am reminded that for as long as Anna has been alive we have been like the 4 friends of the paralytic who brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus in the hope for healing. Since they could not go into the place where Jesus was teaching because it was so full. They literally climbed to the rooftop with their paralyzed friend on the stretcher, opened the roof and lowered their friend on his stretcher before Jesus in the hope of His healing touch. 

Jesus commended the faith and perseverance of the friends who remained on the roof. That has been us for the last 8 years. We have been greatly encouraged in faith by bringing Anna to the Lord with a host of fellow prayer warriors. 

Today, this time around, God is asking me to lay my spirit and family on the stretcher since we are the broken hearted needing Jesus touch, and healing. As you come around us in prayer, we know that you are faithful to this call determined for God to show Himself Mighty in our midst.  

Praise God for: 
-how Lindsey and I have been able to speak to each other about our sorrows with many tears and greif while hugging. 
-we have been able to lay down the many wonders, logical conclusions, and things we assumed/hoped about who Simon might become.
-many details and needed hoops have been jumped through to enable simons funeral, reception, and burial.
-all superficial and external needs are being met with very little burden to us. Including many meals and funds to help our family get here 

- renee. She is no longer excited about the added attention from Simon's absence. She is repeating many questions that are hard to answer. Even harder for her to comprehend. This morning I took her to the burial plot we bought for Simon to help her understand. "We are going to see him one last time with many friends and family who want to say goodbye also." Pray that the Holy Spirit would help her see the promise for believers in the Bible that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. 
-continued discernment for the content of the funeral.
-grace for us to speak with people who say the wrong things but mean well. Like how relatable they imagine our trial is to something they went through. While that may hold true, it doesn't help right now, perhaps down the road.  
-pray for children coming. For the families with young. Simon's friends and acquaintances that they would receive an added measure of courage and hope. The last thing we want is to have the reception at a huge trampoline park and nobody comes to enjoy the gift we have laid out in Simon's name. 
-the words to speak as we prepare what we want to say. They will always seem lacking or "not good enough". May God give us peace.
- for Anna's outpatient, general anesthesia, dental surgery on thursday. that she would be well enough to receive the procedure and recover from it within days. She has much tooth discomfort and if we cancel, another OR would take 3 months. 
- for my mind to not go into guilt mode for not writing thank you notes from the abundant giving we have experienced.

thankful that you are carrying us,

nic for the currats 

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